Environmental Credentials

We’re Green

We have always tried hard to make our business as sustainable as possible;  it’s more than just a brewing process, it’s the way we do business as well. The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally supporting the local economy and caring for the environment. Spent grains are taken by a local farmer to feed his rare breed cattle and pigs.

We use English grown hops, except for the Continental hops used for our Saazbrucker Pilsner. We are proud to support English hop growers Made with British Hopsand English hops as we think that they give the best balance and flavour to traditional beers.

We brew in a rural location and have installed a reed bed drainage system; a natural water treatment system filtering the brewing effluent and returning it to the ground as clean water. It provides a natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and is planted with a great diversity of wildflowers.

WT shovelling

After the brew the spent grains then go to a local farmer as animal feed.