Brewery Build So Far…





For any of you that aren’t aware of what’s going on here at West Berkshire Brewery (where have you been…) we are currently undergoing a seven figure expansion to include all our own packaging, brewing, shop, and café.  The image above is where we started. Literally a dairy, just vacated by the herd and still smelling that way! This was way back last summer and things have moved along quite some way since then. Tom and Will have visited CFT in Italy which is where all of our shiny new brewing equipment is coming from (see below) and will be returning at the end of January to go through all of the factory acceptance tests. If all goes well, it should all arrive in March! Some of the equipment is already here, you can gauge the scale of it by comparing it to Jimmy!
















Since last summer, the dairy has undergone substantial changes. The roof came off and a new one went on. The old wooden cladding came off and was replaced with metal, in-keeping with the countryside colour scheme. Right now they are digging up all the old concrete floor (action shots here) ready to lay reinforced concrete which will be able to withstand the weight of all that beery paraphernalia.





We can’t wait to be able to share with you how we progress over the next few months, it should start going very quickly from now on, with lots to see. We will keep you informed on here, Facebook , Twitter and Instagram also, don’t forget that you can still visit us at the brewery for tours, bottles, draught or a pint on Saturdays.




We have the most amazing view from what will be our shop/café/tap room! Thankfully, although some of the old residents are still about, the site no longer has a whiff of dairy in the air.