Brewery build update


The build is taking shape! The windows and glass walls are going in and it looks awesome. There’s so much natural light! The wall running parallel to the shop, café, kitchen and offices is almost all glass, looking out onto the beautiful surrounding countryside and beer garden. You’ll also be able to go straight out to the beer garden from the café/shop for summer evening drinks and events. From within the shop/café you will be able  to see into the brewhouse and packaging line via another glass wall, so you can check out where all the magic happens (and possibly ogle the brewers if that’s your thing…)





build march01

Above right and below left, is the packaging office being built. As you look out of the door (as illustrated by Will and Tom) you will be facing the packaging line and brewhouse. The malt store will be next to the packaging office. There’ll be a mezzanine floor so the enormous tanks can be filled, with a lab for evil experiments and an office for plotting…Not really, the lab is for culturing yeast and fancy beery science experiments and the office is for, well, use as an office.








The above right photo is the view standing in the shop/café. You’re looking down into the kitchen and offices, on the left of this is the brewhouse and packaging line (plus lab and office above).

I hope this gives you a little more insight into where everything is and how far we’ve progressed so far. Things are changing almost daily at the moment so look out for more updates. The Kemtile flooring will start going down in April ready for the equipment installation in May!


Thanks for your continuing support, we can’t wait to show you around the finished brewery!