Lads weekend (brewery build update…)


italy1willie pizza

Les, Tom and Will popped over to Parma, Italy last week to check out all of our glistening new equipment. As you can see they found time to enjoy the local delights as well as work! The pictures in this post are reasonably in depth so I will add a short description of what’s going on, otherwise just enjoy looking at super shiny pipework!












This is the underbelly of the beast. You can just about see the Lauter Tun in the pic on the right. The blue pump is the automatic discharge for the spent grain. The left pic is the Lauter Tun as seen from other side. A flow meter with a control valve is on the right.










On the left is the mobile CIP (cleaning in place) kit. We use this for  filtration, small bright tanks and any other something something that needs to be cleaned.  on the right is the static brewhouse CIP which is automated.










The first image is the interior of one of our three hop dosing vessels for the kettle, using type 90 pellets. The second is our hop back where we use whole leaf hops, fruits and spices for added flavour and aroma.








Both of these pictures are of our Lauter Tun. The rakes (arms) rotate for increased porosity of the grain bed (mash). The pipework on the right of the Lauter Tun is a sight glass and wort sampling station. (This is where we check for quality)








West Berkshire Brewery’s big mystery box, we’re hoping it includes a team of small Italian plumbers to hook all this up… This is part of our canning and bottling line, expressly it’s where the bottles or cans are accumulated and then shrink-wrapped.






Wills thoughts on his trip – He doesn’t like Grappa… Even tried it twice just to make certain. Apparently Torte Fritta is the best Italian bread. His favourite piece of the kit is the de-palletizer, specifically the lowerator (lowers the bottles and cans in a loop)

Toms final word – mmmmmm…tiramisu