Brewery Expansion Update



One of the first things you’ll see as you enter the brewery is the Mill Room (above) where we prepare the grain. The platform next to it will be at the same height as the brewing platform. There will also be offices here and a lab on the same level.



The new kitchen! On the right is the pass for the café and the offices/bathrooms/showers are behind.






The Kemtile! This is the flooring throughout the packaging line and brewery. It’s easily cleaned, hygienic and easy to replace if a tile gets cracked! Although you’ll still have to deal with the wrath of Will…IMG_0816




The view from the shop/café. You’ll be able to see barley as far as the eye can see, we’ll make it into beer in the future! Just outside you’ll walk through double doors and out into the beer garden. Plans are looking like we’ll have hop bines growing here to keep with the beery theme.


Gas for the boiler!





The view from the sales office looking

towards the shop (right)._MG_0800



The bricks here (below) are portholes between the retail area and the cellar, where the beer will be racked.


If you were looking down into the malt room this is the view you would have (below). The milling equipment will be beyond._MG_0791_MG_0789




The packaging line (left)! You’d probably be sat on the packaging line to get this view, looking down to the warehouse. Underneath is the view from above the cellar. Looking towards the shop/café.




Equipment starts to arrive on 1st May. It’s all happening so quick and visibly changes every day, we’ll keep you posted!

Expect video evidence of the 30 lorries arriving with all our equipment!