Our favourite brews of 2016 #tryanuary

I know what you’re thinking…

How could we possibly choose from the vast amounts of incredible beer that was put out last year! You’re right to think that, and some of us had a harder time choosing than others. I asked everyone that happened to be floating around (that’s right…we float here in Yatters) what their most enjoyable brew was back In 2016, and this is the list I’ve compiled. In no way does this list mean we didn’t enjoy hundreds of other beers, it’s most likely (especially in Ed.D’s case) that it was just the last thing we remember drinking before the inevitable wall of tipsiness took over at about 11.45pm on New Years Eve. Also, it’s really difficult to think of something when put on the spot by a small person with a fluffy unicorn pad and pink glittery horse pen. Contrary to how that sounds, I am old enough to drink beer.


Clare from Marketing – Tusk IPA, Errant Brewery / Pale Ale, 40FT Brewery / London Pale, Meantime

Tom.L Finance Director – Butty Bach Premium Ale, Wye Valley Brewery / Via Emilia, Birrificio del Ducato



Shop Manager Ed.C – Riwaka Gold, Richard Goss & Renegade BrewerySnake Oil DIPA, Renegade Brewery (Ed doesn’t get out of Yattendon very often…)

Ed.D from Sales – Beatnik Pale Ale, Gypsy Hill Brewing Co

Sales James – Harvest Pale, Castle Rock Brewery / Our very own seasonal 106 Pale Ale, West Berkshire Brewery (he has great taste)

Drayman Steve.K – Good Old Boy, West Berkshire Brewery (specifically towards the end of the year)qN9rM


Dan the Drayman – Mister Chubbs, West Berkshire Brewery (and plenty of it!) / Craft Lager, Renegade Brewery

Head Brewer Willie.T – Hoppy Ki Yay, Lone Rider Brewery / Bloody Ell, Beavertown Brewery / Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Peach Sour, Mikkeller / Heady Topper, The Alchemist


Myself (Katy, Shop & Marketing assistant) – I’m not even sure where to begin! So I went on Untappd to see what I rated most highly, here goes… Passion Fruit and Hibiscus Sour, Crate Brewery (the first ever sour I had that didn’t make me heave and I still can’t get enough of it) / Mashed & Wired Coffee IPA, Renegade Brewery (biased again I know but this really was one of the highlights of my beery year, look out for it again autumn/winter ’17) / Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Peach Sour, Mikkeller Summer Love Golden Ale, Victory Brewing Company / Tamesis Extra Stout, West Berkshire Brewery

Hopefully some of these may inspire you to branch out for #tryanuary, there’s still some time to go, but probably (definitely) not enough to try them all. Pick a style that you haven’t experimented with and attempt to find a pint you like! I’ve recently been enjoying stouts, which I always thought weren’t for me, how wrong could I be!

Please drink responsibly.