Homebrew Club


Come and brew BEER with us!


Brewer Steve Munro




With more people becoming interested in brewing and homebrewers popping up everywhere, we thought we’d start up a club that shares our knowledge and expertise. The homebrewers club is run by one of our long standing brewers Steve Munro. Steve has been brewing for over 5 years now and is passionate about what he does. As well as brewing here, he also homebrews and so shares the love of seeing the whole thing through from mashing in, to the finished pint. Last year Steve brewed a very well received honey, ginger and lemon saison for Craft Beer Rising (it was amazing…) this year he’s working on a gooseberry saison, can’t wait to try that one! At the last club meeting they brewed a smoked rye porter which is coming along nicely.


-Hops Available-



Bramling X


East Kent Goldings


First Gold

Cascade USA






hops2Willamette T90

Admiral T90




Styrian Wolf T90

Dr Rudi




Mount Hood

Vic Secret


The lads who already come along to these meetings have brewed some great beer, on the pilot kit and at home. They usually bring it with them to compare and take notes. You’ll get advice, tips, and tricks of the trade, all whilst enjoying a pint! Beer tasting generally comes as standard, learning how to spot certain flavours and combine ingredients to get the aroma you’re aiming for.

By joining our Homebrew Club for £55/year, you will receive:

Quarterly meetings at West Berkshire Brewery

Access to Steve Munro’s wealth of brewing knowledge

Discounts on ingredients, hops (varieties listed above) yeast, malt, bottles and caps

The chance to brew on our 100L Pilot Kit

Welcome Pack – £20 voucher to spend on ingredients and BEER!



The next meet will be around the end of April, keep an eye on social media and on here for exact dates or give us a call nearer the time. Non-members are welcome to join on the day but please let us know if you would like ingredients by emailing clare.candy@wbbrew.com as we will need a little notice to prepare them for you!