Jethro’s Wheat Aeld

We put our heads together in the brew house and there was some discussion about which style of beer to do; a crisp and clear English style wheat beer or a floral, summer supping ale using elderflower from around the brewery. It was decided that we should combine the two recipes for something quite unique and special.

The elderflower was picked the day before the brew and we were lucky to have plenty in and around the yard. In total we managed to scrape together 6kg that was destined for the copper.

Jethro’s Wheat Aeld is named after Jethro Tull, inventor of the seed drill. This revolutionary device enabled farmers to more accurately sow seed and help found modern agriculture. Aeld is the saxon name for elderflower.

A pale, straw-coloured beer with a full flavour provided by fresh elderflower and all English hops.