Ever wondered why your Polypin of delicious bright beer only lasts a few days?


You’re about to find out…


WBB October 2017-27


Lets begin at the FV (fermenting vessel). At this point your beer has already been through a fair few processes, i’ll give you a (very) quick run down of what they are.

WBB October 2017-22


– The malt has been milled and added to the Mash Tun, where hot water is added to create the sweet wort (pronounced wert).


– From here it enters the Lauter Tun, a vessel that removes the grain from the liquid.

– Once all the wort has been separated it’s then boiled in the Kettle for varying times, depending on what style of beer is being brewed, hops are added in stages, early additions to add bitterness, late additions for flavour and aroma.

– Here at WBB we have a dual vessel which acts as both Kettle and Whirlpool, so once the boiling is complete, the Whirlpool then gathers all the hop matter.

– Next your beer is cooled, sent to a fermenter and yeast is added.

Woohoo, a beer is born!

WBB October 2017-33

Once in the FV, ale is usually fermented for a week and then conditioned for a further week before being racked into cask. You’re left with a firkin of live beer!

WBB October 2017-61When you order draught beer from us, we take the beer from a live cask which as well as mouth-watering beer contains yeast and enough residual sugars to keep the yeast working, this is what creates the natural WBB October 2017-12carbonation. Even when the cask is sealed up, the beer inside is still evolving and continuing to ferment. We don’t filter, pasteurise or add preservatives to our cask beer, so it’s always best enjoyed fresh and at a suitable temp, for bright beer that’s three to five days from delivery/pick up and a  temp of 12 degrees celcius.

As we tap the live firkin, the beer inside is exposed to oxygen which if left for too long can cause the beer to spoil, and this is why we highly recommend that you enjoy your bright beer within 48 hours and at the absolute maximum of five days.


Real Ale is a delicate, natural, living product that needs love an attention to be enjoyed at its best.



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