Tall and tan and truly lovely – IPAnema World Cup Beer

IPAnema Pumpclip & Beer on banner

We are sure that we can hear the distant rumbling of Brazilian samba, it can only mean one thing, World Cup fever is about to strike!

We are kicking off the celebrations with our golden, citrusy IPAnema. This hoppy IPA was brewed especially for Fifa Football World Cup™ in Brazil.

Named after the iconic Rio beach and its girl, our IPAnema World Cup beer is tall and tan and truly lovely. Perfect for enjoying in the sunshine.

Tasting notes:
Slightly spicy with notes of tangerine and citrus. This hoppy beer is pleasantly bitter with a mild sweetness.

Brewer’s notes:
Aroma        * * * * * *
Bitterness  * * * *
Sweetness  * * *
Malt            * * * *
Hops           * * * * * * *

Available from 23rd May online or from our brewery shop in Yattendon.

Draft sizes – 9pt mini-keg, 18pt & 36pt beer boxes or a ‘fill your boots’ 72pt firkin.

Pop to the pub and sip on one of these while watching the footie, careful not to spill any on yourself when England score!
Come on England!