Tommy Atkins World War 1 Commemorative Beer

West Berkshire Brewery are proud to be releasing a special beer in memory of those who served in World War 1. Called ‘Tommy Atkins Traditional Ale’ the beer is a fitting commemoration of this significant milestone in world history.

West Berkshire Brewery 'Tommy Atkins Traditional Ale'

Brewed to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War in memory of those who were lost and in gratitude to those who served. The beer will be bottled and launched at the Heroes at Highclere event in August.

West Berkshire Brewery have always used faces to take pride of place on their bottles and would be very grateful of your help to find a face and a story for Tommy Atkins. WBB need a picture of a tommy in a Royal Berkshire Regiment uniform (that you wouldn’t mind being used on the labels) taken during the WW1 period.

It would be wonderful if we knew the story behind the photograph, so we can reference them and their family, but if it’s anonymous that’s fine too. Ideally we would like to know: their name/nickname, where they were born/raised, regiment, age and date of joining, rank, where they served, what happened to them and what interests they had.

If you have anything you would like to send over, email