Wheaty McWheatface Wins Imbibe Wheat Beer Challenge

We are pleased to announce that we have won the 2016 Imbibe Wheat Beer Challenge with new brew Wheaty McWheatface.

Over 34 contestants from up and down the country had been whittled down to five by an expert judging panel in the first round. It was then up to the audience at Imbibe Live to pick the overall winner.

While the audience sipped the beers, each brewer shared the ideas and the brand imagery behind the beer. Comprising members of the on-trade, beer experts and brewers alike, the audience made their decision Ready Steady Cook-style, with coloured cards.

‘He nailed the wheat style,’ said chair of judges Mark Dorber, the show’s beer and cider ambassador, adding: ‘The balance was exemplary. It was crisp, fresh and spoke of English material.’

The variety of styles allowed by wheat beer brewers was apparent and competition was tough; fellow finalists included Harviestoun Brewery, Boss Brewing Company, Heavy Industry Brewing and The Little Beer Co.

‘We tend to do very traditional beer,’ said head brewer Will, as he explained his British take on this international beer style. He created Wheaty McWheatface on the pilot brewkit especially for the competition, using British ingredients throughout, from the 50:50 blend of wheat with Maris Otter, via the Kent First Gold hops, through to his own ale yeast. ‘I’m very proud of this beer,’ he said. ‘I really like beers where you want to get a second or third.’

Wheaty McWheatface was named by our drinkers following the ‘#nameourbeer’ competition on twitter. Although many suggested the name, first out of the blocks was James Moore who won a case of the 4.2% wheat beer.

We have bagged a pair of tickets to visit Pilsner Urquell brewery in the Czech Republic, as well as a seasonal listing at a selection of M&B’s leading pubs for Wheaty McWheatface. Did someone say road trip?

Imbibe Live 2016

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