The many guises of Black IPA...


BIPA or Black IPA has many names, you might think you’ve never seen this style around but perhaps you have! Ever tried a Cascadian Dark Ale? It’s a Black IPA… India Stout? It’s a Black IPA… India Pale Ale Black? Also a Black IPA. There are more, let us know if you’ve tried them over on social media, we’d love to know what other similar styles you’ve come across.

The defining characteristics of a BIPA are a roasty, chocolate, coffee complexity mixed in with citrus, tropical aromatic hops. The trick is to get the colour from the darker malts without pulling out too much flavour.  You want the tropical hop aroma shining through with a balanced bitterness and a rich subdued malty backbone. This can be done in a number of ways but most commonly a special type of de-husked malt is used which gives out less of the roasty, burnt flavours than standard malt. Alternatively, brewers use their choice of darker malt much later in the brewing process to pull out more of the colour and less of the flavour than they would get if they used it at an earlier stage.

Examples of the style


Our latest special:

Dead Men Brew No Ales | 5.4% | Black IPA | Surprisingly light in body with fruity tropical flavours from our generous use of New World hops and the addition of roasted barley imparting a powerful but not overbearing dark, rich background.

Beavertown – Black Betty | 7.4% | Black IPA

Beavertown – Holy Cowbell | 5.6% | India Stout

Windsor & Eton – Conqueror | 5% | Black IPA

Brewdog – Libertine | 7.2% | Black Ale

Moor Beer Company – Illusion | 4.5% | Black IPA

Brasserie de la Senne – Lambrozenne | 6.2% | Black IPA

Kernel – India Pale Ale Black | 6.8% | BIPA

Wild Weather Ales – Colour Of Despair | 5.6% | Cherry Cascadian Dark

Wander Beyond – Bloom Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream | 11% | Imperial Black IPA


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