bonfire night beer

wintery delights

When the evenings start drawing in and the weather starts cooling down, real ale really comes into its own. Ale is at its best when enjoyed at a slightly warmer temperature to lager/keg beer, somewhere between 11-13 degrees and the darker, maltier beers lend themselves well to room temperature supping. Temperature can dramatically change a beer, too cold and you lose the flavour and aroma. Try it for yourself at home, drink identical beers but store one in the fridge and one at room temp. Beer can also add tremendously rich & complex flavours to food dishes when used in the recipe as well as enhancing the flavour of a dish when enjoyed alongside.

The following are a few of our personal favourites:

Poacher’s Pie with Holly Cutter 4.5% Old Ale available in 500ml bottle & on draught soon – Flavours of dark fruit and fig marry perfectly with rich, succulent pieces of game.

Holly cutter is our rich, deep amber Old Ale with a subtle chocolate character alongside blackcurrant, fig and molasses.


Chilli with Smoke on the Porter  6% available in 440ml can and on tap –  The rich umami flavour within this beer will add a wonderful smokiness to the dish and the hint of spice from rye malt will warm your cockles.

Smoke on the Porter has bold smoky flavours, an intensely smooth mouthfeel, caramel, spice and a hint of umami.


Beef Casserole & Dumplings with Good Old Boy 4% Best Bitter available in 500ml bottle and on draught – Let the caramel and blackberry flavours from Good Old Boy infuse into the beef during the day and come home to a bubbling slow cooker and mouth watering aromas of melt in the mouth meat.

Good Old Boy is abundant with caramel and blackberry flavours which balance wonderfully with subtle aromas of citrus and pine.


Sticky Lamb Shanks and Mash with Tamesis 4.9% Stout available in 500ml bottle – The  sweetness from the lamb compliments the vanilla, raisin and chocolate flavours from the stout sauce.

Tamesis is rich, smooth and deliciously dark.