Company Statement


The Brewery at Yattendon was set up in 1995 behind the Pot Kiln Pub in Frilsham and over the following 20 years expanded twice before locating in its present location in a converted dairy building. From its first move, Yattendon has supported the brewery expansion and invested large sums in the buildings to allow the business to develop. At no stage was Yattendon ever a shareholder and deliberately turned down approaches to become one, believing the management should be free to run and develop the business of brewing great beer.

It was with sadness that we learnt that the business went into administration in December 2021 effecting a great number of people working in the business, many of whom were and are local, and proud of what they were producing. At this point Yattendon decided that it was better to take on the running of the brewery so as to maintain the legacy and vision, and to establish a long term local brewery business in West Berkshire. Yattendon is not responsible for the previous business and will provide no comment as to what may or may not have gone wrong.

The most likely outcome should Yattendon not have committed to purchasing and investing in the business, is that at best it would have become a contract brewer with no local links or at worst auctioned for parts, neither of which fits in with the vision of Yattendon wishing to develop and allow local business to flourish for the long term.

Under the new ownership the brewery and its founding vision from back in 1995 can be delivered, employing local people producing great beer. The people who work in this business are proud to have the opportunity to continue this legacy and vision and would like the support and respect from the local community to make this vision a reality.

All constructive comments are greatly received.