Are you looking for industry-leading canning services for your beer on a large scale? West Berkshire Brewery are well set to package, label and secure your cans for you.

Set in the West Berkshire Brewery countryside, we are well-located to package beers across the United Kingdom, with close proximity to London, Bristol and Birmingham, and a history of working with Breweries based across the South East and the South West.


Contract Canning Services

Packing 330ml, 440ml and 500ml cans

We're able to pack your beer into the most popular can sizes, including 330ml, 440ml and 500ml packs.

Operating at a rate of 12,000 330ml cans per hour, we're able to fill up to 250hl of beer in a normal working day.

Looking for a run above 60hl? We're able to split this between cans, bottles and kegs within the same order.

With the latest technology on offer

We're able to package your beer to a highly accurate standard, with our X-ray fill level detection, meaning you can have confidence that your beer is filled fairly, and concisely.

Pressure Sensitive Labelling is also offered, which will give your cans a durable and effective printed finish. Gone are the days that your packaging will wipe off in your hand.

There are also options available with regards to the packaging on offer, as you can choose from shrink-wrap and tray, recycled plastic Pak Tech can carriers, and even fully enclosed cardboard boxes and fridge packs for your beers.

X-ray fill level detection, Pressure Sensitive Labelling and Pak Tech can carriers available

To a SALSA Plus Beer Accreditation standard

We're proud to be SALSA accredited for our contract packaging services.

This means that we're audited annually by the Safe and Local Supplier Approval authority in association with Cask Marque, to offer you confidence in allowing us to package your well-brewed beer. We're held to account for our high standard of practise and are audited by specially-trained experts with extensive knowledge of the brewing industry.

We also ensure all beer packaged at West Berkshire Brewery is passed through sterile filtration of 0.45 micron membranes when being processed, so you can be safe in the knowledge than unwanted microorganisms are not present in your beer.

And a state of the art facility set in Berkshire

We're well located to support you from our brewery set just off the M4 in West Berkshire, in close proximity to a range of major cities in the South of England, such as London, Bristol and Birmingham.

We have a proud history of supporting our local Breweries, so please enquire today if you're based across the United Kingdom, and we'll be able to put together a bespoke package to meet your needs.


PLEASE NOTE: The minimum volume we can accommodate is 30hl. We recommend your beer arrives with us in compartmentalised tankers for larger volumes, we can provide contact details on request. We can also discuss the intake of rough beer.