We think one of the best things we can do as a brewery is constantly work on our recipes and tweak to improve where needed. That’s not to say we don’t offer consistency, we just want to send out the tastiest beer possible and we listen to feedback. When we first moved into our new state of the art home that was much more efficient at pulling out flavour and aroma than our old kit, we ran into a couple of issues. What you might not know is that the very first brew of ISA actually went down the drain. It was mouth strippingly bitter. The next batch was much improved but still not what we were looking for and so this wasn’t released either…

We’ve been tinkering ever since and we’ve hit our consistent brew, we’re  loving the fresh tropical burst of flavour alongside the now subdued and palatable bitterness. At 4.2% it’s completely crushable as well!

Here's what we did...

The actual hops and malt bill is exactly the same as it's been the whole time, even when it was first brewed at the old brewery that one time!

Malts - Marris Otter Extra Pale | Vienna | Amber | Oats
Hops - Mosaic | Citra | Cascade | Vic Secret
Dry Hop - Galaxy

The first step was to take out the bittering edition as our new kit is so efficient at drawing out the alpha acids that we need little to no hops in the boil. We left in the whirlpool edition to achieve the bitterness we were looking for and then increased the dry hop editions to make sure we got that tropical fruit aroma on the nose. We add oats into the malt mix to give it the necessary body and mouth feel for such a hop loaded beer.

So what exactly is an India Session Ale?
Its a full-flavoured, hop forward beer that won't get you too tipsy *.

*This depends on how much you put away obviously.
Please drink responsibly.