Meet Davina, our Head of Sales! Originally coming aboard in October 2018, Davina joined WBB as the On Trade Controller, expanding the existing team and increasing our geographical reach.

Since then, she has been promoted to Head Of Sales, incorporating the Off Trade and Contract Brew and Pack divisions. She also sits on the West Berkshire Brewery board of Directors, so it’s fair to say she’s a busy bee! 🐝

Full Name: Davina Ford


Job Title: Head of Sales


What were you up to before you joined WBB?

Before WBB I was at William Grants and Sons heading up their Field Sales team and the Convenience Channel before that. I sold brands such as Hendricks Gin and Glenfiddich Whisky. Before that I worked at Pernod Ricard, another spirits supplier, so I think selling alcohol must be in my blood!


What is your favourite thing about working for WBB?

Our pace. We can make really quick decisions and turn things around for customers and consumer needs with short lead times.


What is your funniest WBB memory?

Someone in my team attempting to eat our famous Ring of Fire pizza for lunch during a team meeting and then trying to pretend they were ok afterwards!


What song would you say sums up your time at WBB and why?

Ronan Keating – Life is a Rollercoaster!


Your favourite style of beer, (and your favourite pint of all time?)

Pale Ales. Our Golden Age, an American Pale with honey remains a firm favourite, I hope we bring it back one day!


What are your main hobbies/ interests?

Eating in great restaurants (they don’t have to be fancy, just do great tasting food), going on holiday, renovating our house, walking along the beach as I live on the south coast.


How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

Working! But also doing up our Victorian house.


Best place you’ve ever travelled to and why does this place stick in your memory?

The Maldives… the dolphins who accompanied our boat as we approached our very tiny atoll was something I will never forget.


Tell us something we probably don’t know about you.

I studied for a Forensics diploma just before I joined WBB, just because I have an interest in it!


Marmite… what’s your opinion on it?

What’s not to love? Goes especially well with melted cheese and toasted muffins.


Someone gives you a giraffe, you can’t sell it or give it away, what would you do with it?

Organise for local schools to have it visit them so the school children can meet it and learn more about giraffes. It might also help keep their grass short!

This is my caricature drawn onto a beer mat, which I had done at a beer tradeshow last year!