Dels worked with some incredible live acts such as the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, travelled everywhere from Rain Forests to the middle of a desert and learnt to restore antique furniture along the way. I don’t feel like I need to write much, you’ll get everything you need and more in Dels own words below, he’s had a pretty incredible journey so far!


Full name: Del Deacon

Job title: Warehouse Operative

I don’t consider myself any different to the next person – I’m just a bit older so I have a big list. However everything I do, I do with passion because I really care but hey here goes.

My school was infamously underperforming so I left very early – at the age of 13. Consequently I did not take any exams and was not so good at reading or writing. But I had a drive so I told people I was 16 and off to work I went. I started as a shelf filler in a supermarket but soon found a job hand making racing exhaust pipes for Isle of Man TT racing motorbikes, forming sheet steel by hand then welding with near invisible welds. However engineering and production were already taking a downward turn and by this time, I had my own flat. So I needed to seek out a new career path.

Standing in a pub in Stratford, East London someone asked me if I could push boxes around for bands and, as I had been in a band touring up and down the UK, I jumped at it. My first gig was dismantling a show and putting it on trucks ready to go to the next venue in Wembley Arena. I then got the bug and over the following 38 years I learnt and honed my craft, enjoying some amazing experiences including working on Live Aid, and touring with some of the World’s biggest and most successful live acts including the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Michael Jackson and many others. I was also involved with Olympic Opening Ceremonies, notably in Athens and London; aswell as TV programs like Saturday Night Live and Poirot. Throughout this time, I was mainly working as a rigger, heavily involved with motion control systems building apparatus and machines to make things fly about at the touch of a button. I also managed large rigging crews of up to 150 people, building shows with tight and unmoveable deadlines.

During this, I lived in Sweden for a year, working in the Grand Hotel learning to renovate and restore antique furniture. I also spent time in La PALMA, an island in Spain, where I made furniture from scrap machinery found around the island. I loved the Spanish life style but life can have its surprises and changes and I ended up living back in the UK, where I continued life on the road as a rigger.

What got you into the beer industry?

I met my partner in 2018 and decided to move to Newbury to live with her; by chance we saw the WBB Facebook site where a job was advertised. Out of curiosity we paid a visit to the brewery and I wanted to be a part of it. I applied and got the job. 5 months on and very happy with my decision.

How has your role progressed in that time?

Progression is a constant and while it’s still early days for me, it’s already clear to me that as a team, we are really proud of the WBB product range and of working here, and so all share the common goal of making it successful and a great place to work.

Your favourite style of beer?

I like it all and I would try anything. Favourite? My Mum is an Irish girl, so sitting in a bar in County Cork with a pint of Murphy’s stout is hard to beat. But then tomorrow, it could be something else.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Spending time with my gorgeous girlfriend; we both love to cook. I’m very artistic and clever with my hands, so building, making and repairing is always on the agenda, petrol head. I’m also learning Spanish.

Best place you’ve ever travelled to and why does this place stick in your memory?

Hard question to answer, been very lucky to have been paid to go to so many places from Rain Forests to the middle of a desert. But off the top of my head, I would have to say Tokyo in Japan, What a mental city. Did you know the Japanese have a room especially set up in every high street for the locals so they can have a argument out of public view, reminds me of a Monty Python sketch. It is so populated there with pedestrian crossings 10metres wide packed with pedestrians crossing; fascinating too, with trains going through the middle of buildings, and hot canned coffee machines like coke dispensers on many corners.

Portugal. Sitting in a hidden little restaurant watching the staff looking after a local old lady, feeding her good food for a few coins, allowing her to maintain her pride as she sold them her hand made windmills. For me I only wish we in the UK could take the same time out to respect our elders like they do on the Continent. One of the things I particularly like about WBB is their support of the homeless in the area.

Coffee or tea in the morning?

Coffee……good coffee.

Favourite food to eat in?

Fish and fresh vegetables but love and enjoy cooking any good produce. You start with quality and treat it with respect. I will eat anything other than gherkins or cooked carrots. Yuk!

Favourite food to eat out?

Local good quality seasonal food at a reasonable price. We believe in supporting local businesses, and there is no shortage of good places to eat in and around West Berkshire.

What was the last thing you listened to on the way to work?

My car engine as I’m at the age where I have to turn the music down to see where I am going.

Funniest thing at work so far?

Ah yes…Can-gate I called it. I’d only been at the brewery a few weeks and was unloading a truck with pallets full of empty cans; the first pallet I tried to bring inside with the forklift lightly clipped the top of the door way undoing the straps that held the pallet together. Well what with it being a windy day cans blew inside and out. I ended up chasing and retrieving the 8000 odd cans which took most of the day. Funny to me? No! But to others in the brewery? Hilarious!!!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I will end by saying that we are just small gears in the machine but if just one gear ceases to function correctly the machine no longer works. I will always do all I can to not be the broken gear.

Thanks for reading.