mild in may

What is mild?

Mild didn’t start off as a beer style, it was a term used to describe a young beer, or a beer that hadn’t been aged, so for example you could get a mild porter or a mild bitter and if you’ve ever seen the beer style ‘Dark’, you’re probably drinking a mild in disguise…

But what should you expect from a mild?

If you’ve heard of it already, it probably conjures up images of miners and thoughts of dull boring overly traditional beer with little flavour. Oh how wrong you are…

Mild once dominated the 19th Century, with ABV’s ranging anywhere from 5.5% right up to 7%. Whilst most modern milds now fall within the 3-3.6% ABV bracket there are still some fine examples of  higher ABV beers such as Sarah Hughes award winning Dark Ruby Mild at 6% which is brewed to a pre World War 1 recipe and Orbit Beers Belgian xx Strong Mild at 6.5% (Available in our Taproom 7-13th May). During the 1960’s mild almost disappeared completely after being England’s most popular beer style for years, but its popularity is increasing again with the rise of the microbrewery. Don’t be fooled into thinking that with less ABV you’ll get less flavour as mild can  be seriously complex and not necessarily dark either. Harvey’s Brewery do ‘Knots of May’ a refreshing, soft and full light mild, another brew worth trying is Timothy Taylor’s ‘Golden Best’ a light mild with a delicate balance of subtle flavours.

Dark milds can range from a dark amber to near black in colour and traditionally have malt forward, chocolatey, nutty, burnt and fruity flavours coupled with a silky smoothness, light body and subdued hop character.

Serve in an English pint glass, if you’re feeling adventurous try a Brown & Mild (half a pint of draught mild & half a pint of bottled brown ale in a pint glass).

What food can I pair with mild?

Mild can have so many flavour characteristics that it’s actually quite easy to pair with food. Roasted game and beef will highlight the roasted flavours within a dark mild and dark chocolate will lift a Mild to another level. In fact beer and chocolate is one of the very best combos around (we’ll write another blog on that subject…). Here’s a couple of sample menus for some inspiration.

– Game terrine served with lightly dressed green leaves, homemade fruit chutney & hot toast – Recipe
– Venison with potato & parsnip gratin – Recipe
– Lemon soufflé – Recipe
– Well-aged cheddar with apples or nuts –


Vegan/Vegetarian Menu

– Mushroom Pate served with lightly dressed green leaves, homemade fruit chutney & hot toast – Recipe
– Burnt aubergines with avocado-tahini sauce, fried capers & spiced chickpeas – Recipe
– Salted Caramel apple pie – Recipe


Small Eats

– Pulled pork & apple sauce bun –
– Oysters –
– Vegan sausage & mustard sandwich –
– Chocolate cake –

Whats going on in the Taproom for Mild in May?

We've got a wide selection of Milds for you to try in the Taproom between 7th & 13th May. They'll be on the bar until they run out or go past their best so no need for tickets just turn up as usual and try something new! You're welcome to have a small taster before you commit to a full glass and if you find one you love we're offering a special deal on our branded glass growlers. Take home just over 3 pints and your own re-fillable growler for just £15! Bring it back to fill again and it'll be £10 for a keg fill and £8 for cask. Milds on Tap will include:

Titanic Brewery – Classic Mild | 3.5% | A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth dry finish.

Elusive Brewing – Cherrywood Road | 3.8% | Lightly smoked ruby mild. A ruby red mild with a fruity smokiness provided by malts that have been smoked over cherrywood.

Orbit Beers – WLS017 Belgian XX Strong Mild | 6.5% | A strong, ruby-coloured mild ale brewed with Belgian malts (Biscuit, Aromatic, Special B) and English ale yeast. Rich and sweet with warming notes of caramel, raisins, and sherry.

East London Brewing – Orchid Vanilla Mild | 3.6% | Orchid is a dark mild, lightly spiced with vanilla.

The Chiltern Brewery – Nut Brown Mild | 3.9% | Luxuriously smooth, dark and subtly sweet with a beautifully balanced hop aroma.

Twisted Barrel Ale – Beast of a Midlands Mild | 3.5% | A traditional Midlands style mild made using a complex variety of malts to provide a rich, textured backbone that belies its minimal strength. The addition of vanilla pods provides a creamy finish and aroma.

West Berkshire Brewery | Maggs' Magnificent Mild | 3.8% | A traditional-style, deliciously dark mild. Full of roast malt flavours coupled with a smooth mouth feel and gentle sweetness.

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