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Our beautifully balanced session bitter is packed with all the spicy, fruity and floral flavours you’d expect from English hops, creating a brew as fragrant as it is moreish.


Available in 500ml bottle, 9 pint mini keg, 18 pint mini pin & 36 pint polypin. Our pins are collection only and have a shelf life of 3-5 days from your collection date..


About this beer

SmellMalt, Spicy, Hops, Floral
TasteLemon, Toffee, Biscuit
Bitter3 out of 5
Sweet3 out of 5
Food Matching

Fish and chips, slow roasted lamb with rosemary.




Wheat, Barley & Yeast


Mini-pins, polypins and firkins have a maximum shelf life of 5 days. 9 pint mini-kegs have a 1 month shelf life before opening.

Customer Reviews

  1. J McCarthy

    This is honestly my favourite ale at the moment. It’s a session ale, so very easy drinking, refreshing and takes quite a few of these before you fall over (always drink responsibly).

  2. Will (verified owner)

    A wonderful brew that leaves you perfectly refreshed!

  3. Bruce Jackson (verified owner)

    Great quality beer and fantastic as a one person session beer as it’s not too strong so you don’t feel too guilty polishing it off over 2 days (or 1!). Tasted surprisingly similar to cask conditioned. The bottled version is good, but this is even better. Will definitely be buying again – probably for Six Nations Super Saturday.

  4. Anna Chubb (verified owner)

    Bought this beer for my husband who is Mr Chubb (for real) he says first class beer and can highly recommended.

  5. Neil Rendall (verified owner)

    This is now my favourite beer since Good Old Boy changed it’s taste slightly. Tons of flavour and not too strong.
    I believe that originally all beers were this sort of strength, and maybe used similar if not identical ingredients. And we’re still drinking the same stuff. I like tradition!

  6. Paul Mills (verified owner)

    Along with ‘GOB’ the Mr Chubbs is an excellent session beer with good flavour and a sensible strength that doesn’t detract from great tasting ale

  7. Chris Moore (verified owner)

    A lighter beer than GOB, but still full of taste and refreshing. Excellent accompaniment to an evening supper, especially if I’m not driving! First class service an delivery from WBB. I’ll be buying some more.

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