Renegade Lager

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British Lager

Brewed using 100% British ingredients, this pilsner-style lager is crisp, clean and utterly refreshing.

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Available in 330ml bottle/ can /5 Litres (9 pints)


Please enjoy your mini keg within 2-4 days once opened.




About this beer

SeePale Gold
SmellLight Hops, Grassy, Vibrant
TasteDry, Gentle Spice, Crisp
Bitter3 out of 5
Sweet2 out of 5
Food Matching

Lightly charred BBQ fish, subtly spiced chicken, sushi.




Wheat, Barley & Yeast

Customer Reviews

  1. abitheah reeve (verified owner)

    Ordered case of larger for my brother in law’s birthday. He was very happy and enjoyed the larger . The case arrived quickly.

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    I am a bitter man, but always have some lagers in the fridge for those home made curreys and when you fancy a small light beer just to wet the whistle. But I have been a bit of a lager snob and usually buy expensive Italian stuff to please the Larger drinkers in my life. But no more, I have decided to support my local brewery and buy Renegade, almost through my first case, really enjoyed it so will be ordering some more with my next beer order and will continue to do so through this summer.

  3. Ste (verified owner)

    Excellent, fresh, delicious. A great lager.

  4. Karl Thompson (verified owner)

    Perfect. My new go to lager

  5. Alan Futter (verified owner)

    My favourite lager with a great taste and so pleased to be buying British and best.

  6. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Ordered lager and collected with no problems. Normally a Real Ale Drinker and my normal tipple is Good Old Boy I do like a lager now and again but very fussy about what lager. This is a lager with the taste of lager but characteristics of a real ale, very clean, crisp on palette and refreshing but without the gassiness that is normal with a lager. Very enjoyable.

  7. Colin France (verified owner)

    Renegade is a quality lager and for those that like a choice of drinks a must for the cooler

  8. Hugh Stevenson (verified owner)

    Very good service and the product was all that I expected.

  9. Michael Pagliari (verified owner)

    Very fresh crisp tasting lager. Delicious

  10. Ian (verified owner)

    Bought 6 cases of Renegade Lager on behalf of a friend in Brighton for their Wedding . Always great beers and service.

  11. MICHAEL BOWDEN (verified owner)

    This is a flavoursome light lager, best served chilled on a hot day. Very enjoyable.

  12. gary tew (verified owner)

    very nice crisp tasting lager. goes down nicely on a hot day. ordered thi lager with some craft beer,very glad i did

  13. Adam Dowdney (verified owner)

    Lovely, refreshing lager, perfect for the English summer!

  14. Colin France (verified owner)

    Excellent craft Lager
    Definitely one for the cooler

  15. Derek Young (verified owner)

    Did not try this but everybody who did said it was great.

  16. Paula Daines (verified owner)

    Renegade Lager is the Best British Lager I have found and West Berkshire Brewery delivers in record time ,
    Good quality,great customer service *****

  17. Barry Murphy (verified owner)

    Recently ordered a case of West Berkshire Brewery’s Renegade Lager, an excellent and tasty craft larger, lovely drink. Must say the process was very easy, ordered and collected on the same day. Great customer service and I even got a voucher for a free pint next time I’m up there. Keep up the great work WWB, we are lucky to have such a great brewery in the area.

  18. Pauline Allen (verified owner)

    I usually drink lager shandy but after tasting my friend’s Renegade without added lemonade I really liked the smooth taste and ordered some for myself. It is the best lager I have tasted.

  19. Rachel Burge (verified owner)

    Renegade lager is fantastic. My only concern is that my family and friends are now breaking into my stash!

  20. LP

    Great beer, now my favorite lager.

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