Solo Alcohol-Free Peach Pale

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Alcohol Free Peach Pale

Bright citrus aroma with a refreshing peach taste. Light & crisp.

This is no ordinary alcohol-free beer. Kick back, crack open a cold one and go Solo.

12 x 330ml cans

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About this beer

SeeDeep Gold
SmellFruity, Sweet, Pine
TastePeach, Apricot
Bitter3 out of 5
Sweet3 out of 5
Food Matching

Peach & almond tart.


Wheat, Barley, Peach Syrup & Yeast

Customer Reviews

  1. Karen Baker (verified owner)

    Having tried lots of different no/lo alcohol beers, this is definitely one of the better ones. It’s now my go to drink.

  2. Andrew Nicolson (verified owner)

    I bought a case of 12 cans for my wife, as she enjoys a fruity and light beer, and this one has the added advantage of being low alcohol. She is enjoying the beer hugely, and I may be sent on a further foraging errand to get some more!

  3. Grahame Wood (verified owner)

    This a very tasty and refreshing drink would recommend giving it a try

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