Two Days Mixed Vodka Soda Pack


Can’t decide on lime or raspberry? Fear not, order a mixed pack and enjoy both! Receive both flavours and get ready to sip away guilt-free.

Our zesty Lime is inspired by the classic Vodka Lime Soda (no cordials, only freshly squeezed around here), whilst our Raspberry is reminiscent of a Summer’s day when the sun is out and the mood is good.

Crafted using five-times distilled British vodka, lightly sparkling water and a squeeze of lime or raspberry. We’ve said goodbye to any sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavours and use only natural ingredients to create our crisp, light and refreshing flavours.

LIME INGREDIENTS: Sparkling water, vodka, lime extract, citric acid.

RASPBERRY INGREDIENTS: Sparkling water, vodka, raspberry extract, tartaric acid.

SERVING SIZE: 330ml / Alc. 3% Vol. / 1 Unit

SERVING SUGGESTION: Best served cold from the can or over ice.

PACKAGING: Our aluminium can, can sleeve and shipping packaging are all 100% recyclable.


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