The West Berkshire Brewery Beer Cup 2021


Welcome to the first annual West Berkshire Brewery Beer Cup! The most prestigious and respected brewing tournament to grace West Berkshi- no, the World? We think so, anyway. 


The Beer Cup Challenge

We’ve set out to find our next Champion Brews; to create our Seasonal range for 2022. Yes, that’s right – you’ll be able to try the four winning beers as much as you like next year – so stick around for the journey and keep up to date. This page will be updated often, so bookmark it and check back soon.

We’ve grouped our brewing staff into 8 teams, each with their own set of brewing experiences – some masters, some not so, but all are passionate about BEER!

The task?

We’ve set each team the challenge to brew their finest Amber Beer in round one, followed by a Dark Beer, a Light Beer and finally an uncategorised round leaving it up to them to decide.

That means we’ll have a total of 32 beers brewed; good thing we’re thirsty!

The judgement?

We’ll be tasking our brewing experts and team to whittle the beers down to just two from each category by voting on a number of factors.

Then, we’ll open up the Taproom for a Grand Finale Event in the summer, to bring members of the public and beer-reviewing royalty to the brewery to help us crown our Champion Beer of 2021 (alongside one heck of a party!).

The result?

We’ll have chosen four excellent beers, one from each category, to fill your pint glasses next year. We will also have crowned just ONE champion beer, to rule them all. This beer will look beaut.,  smell divine, taste incredible, and have most likely a very silly name.

We’re rewarding the teams that brew the winning 4 beers with an incredible trip abroad to visit legendary breweries on the continent. Now, that’s a win all ‘round!

Who is taking part?

As we said, there will be eight teams hopping aboard the WBB Beer Cup wagon, each with a mix of brewing history – from brew-master to brew-apprentices. This’ll give our full team a chance to learn from one another, the inexperienced to ferment their knowledge, and the experienced to listen to the up-and-coming ideas from the young.


Of course, the teams have whacky names & slogans:

The Green Grizzlies | "The Mean, Green Brewing Machine"
Alcohooligans | "The Pro-craftinators"
BBT – Bring Back Tamesis | "It’s good, but it’s not quite Carling"
The Old Hands | "You've had the rest, now try the best!"
Brewers Troop | "Class dudes producing class brews"
Remaining Nameless | "The beer speaks for itself "
The Legion of Booze | "Your booze means nothing. I’ve seen what makes you cheer."

Episode 1: Introducing the WBB Beer Cup 2021

Find out what the West Berkshire Brewery Beer Cup 2021 is all about! You’ll hear from one of our Brewers, and find out what’s in store for the competition.


Episode 2: Amber Beers

Find out how the first 8 brews of the competition went! From a Rye IPA, to an Amber Lager, there was a cracking range of beers to get us kicked off!

Find out what went right, what went wrong, and what you can look forward to tasting at the finalé in the summer.


Amber | The Results

Team 8 | 34.08 / 50
Brewers Troop | 33.99 / 50
The Legion of Booze | 33.53 / 50
Alcohooligans | 32.15 / 50
Remaining Nameless | 32.09 / 50
The Old Hands | 32.06 / 50
The Green Grizzlies | 31.97 / 50
BBT – Bring Back Tamesis | 27.86 / 50