The newest member of our team


Ever wanted a pint of Good Old Boy served from the side of a 1950s Bedford Van? If you have had that worryingly specific thought, you’re in luck! Since October 2018, with the help of Valley Gas Speed Shop in Andover, we’ve been converting a wonderful J-type Luton Van into a purpose built mobile bar.


Though the van is still being converted, we are very excited to show you it’s progress and we’re eager to share some of the fascinating history of this majestic vehicle.

The History

This specific Bedford Luton Van was property of M.Harris and Sons: Antique Furniture Galleries, transporting and delivering goods for the company. As well as being used for the companies business, the van was used to move the belongings’ of the Royal Family as the company held a Royal Warrant.


The company concluded business in 1985 as far as my research has found, and the van went into private ownership. However, previous owners kept the original livery with the M.Harris and Sons’ details and the vehicle has been displayed at a number of classic and vintage events. In 2011 our Bedford went into retirement until we purchased it, to give it a new lease of life. Below is an image of the van with it’s M.Harris Livery.

The Conversion

That brings us up to the 26th October 2018 when we bought the van, and moved it to Andover. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the van was in essentially full working order, apart from a few minor engine tweaks that were quickly completed. We started designing the interior, and with guidance from Jimmy at Valley Gas, worked out a layout including; on-board line chiller, fridges, interchangeable combinations of keg and cask lines, and basically anything else we could possibly need to serve a perfect pint at any event.


I think it’s time for a couple of before and after photos so that you can see how we’re getting on.

It's all coming along nicely...

We've come on leaps and bounds and look forward to a mid-May completion date.

If you've any idea what to name the van please post on one of our social media pages, who knows, you might come up with the perfect one! (Hoptimus Prime is sadly taken and copyrighted)

- Matt Lawson, Marketing & Events Assistant