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Dark Ale

A traditional rich, dark mild with big hitting biscuit malt flavours, a light earth hop aroma and a velvety smooth finish.


Available in 500ml bottle.


About this beer

SmellApricot, Biscuit, Earthy
TasteDark Chocolate, Burnt Caramel, Malty
Bitter3.5 out of 5
Sweet3.5 out of 5
Food Matching

Delicious with nutty cheeses such as gouda or comte




Wheat, Barley & Yeast

Customer Reviews

  1. Andrew Howard (verified owner)

    I’ve been enjoying Magg’s Mild for years now whenever possible and it has become a firm favourite during the last dreadful year. It is a full flavoured brown with some stout elements which I particularly like. It has a delightful effervescence, and poured with a little gusto keeps a nice head for 10 minutes or so, but the reason I love it is the rich flavour of nuts and honey chocolate. It is as good out of a bottle as the tap. I keep it cool on my boot-room floor in winter and at 5 degrees in the ‘fridge in summer. It is delicious cold. My only complaint is that it is not offered in enough local pubs (they often have it at the Bell at Aldworth,) and that the brewery sometimes runs out of bottles, which is obviously outrageous! I have no idea why browns and milds are less popular than bitters or lagers. I think there is so much more satisfaction in a good dark beer. This is a prime example.

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